About Us

The foundation of Agarsen was laid back in 1990 in Jaipur, the heritage and cultural capital of India.

After having established its foothold in the India market, the company decided to take its operations a step further to mark its presence in the international market. With a dedicated and experienced team of professionals having worked in over 30 countries with a single motto to provide quality services to its customers, Agarsen soon became one of the most trusted names in the field of Indian natural stones trading companies. With this growing recognition in the international market, Agarsen had this opportunity to partner with world's biggest names in architectural and civil consultancies to extend its services in few of the true architectural marvels world has witnessed.

Agarsen has always been proud for being recognised and appreciated
for setting up the new benchmarks in customer satisfaction
all throughout the globe.

The awards and certifications which we received during this journey to earmark these milestones have actually encouraged us to constantly improvise so that we can always fulfil the expectations with which our clients approach us. We are sure that we will commit to these expectations as we always have been. The legacy continues..